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About Us

The Name : Alleycat Designs

Many people have asked where we got our name. I'd love to tell you an exciting and creative story, but in fact, I have none. I took a graphic design course at a Tech Center long before we started Alleycat Designs. In the class, we had to come up with a ficticious company. Many of the examples put in front of us had cartoon animals as the mascot. I chose Kool Kat Designs. The time finally came to open our own business. We wanted to be one of the first companies listed in the phone book. We decided to take the Kool Kat idea and change it to Alleycat. Thus, Alleycat Designs was born.

In 2000, my husband and I started our embroidery business in our garage. I also worked at a airbrush store in a mall. We began with just embroidery, but soon offered screen printing as well. Eventually, we had to purchase a heat press so we could add heat transfers to our mix. Finally, a cad cutter made an appearance in our garage. As you can imagine, the garage was full and we out grew it

In July, 2006, we finally moved to a storefront.




Alleycat Designs Inc.
34746 Warren Rd.
Westland, MI 48185